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Hit Safari is ranked 24, has a 2:1 ratio, has a 20 second timer, has 6 referal levels, does allow rotators, does not require you to login to surf, has an Alexa rank of 36,741, and has had 151,625 hits tracked on the last 6 week report. Hit Safari is owned by Paula Zuehlke and is powered by the LJ Traffic Exchange Script.

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Great TE, pretty effective and stable. Paula is a great admin!

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Hit Safari delivers...

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At HitSafari the surf bar is easy to use and you get quality traffic to your site.

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HitSafari is one of my top traffic exchanges. They offer you page/banner and text links to advertise your sites. As an upgraded member you also have access to build your own HitSafari referral page with your banners on it also. HitSafari is by far one of the Best!

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