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MajorLeagueHits is ranked 999, has a 3:1 ratio, has a 6 second timer, does allow rotators, requires you to login to surf, has an Alexa rank of 6,754,732, and has had 0 hits tracked on the last 6 week report. MajorLeagueHits is owned by Michael Coursey and is powered by the LJ Traffic Exchange Script.

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MajorLeagueHits History

2016-05-02No Data Available
2016-04-25No Data Available
2016-04-18No Data Available
2016-04-11No Data Available
2016-04-04No Data Available
2016-03-28No Data Available
2016-03-21No Data Available
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Posted by freeflow on August 22, 2012
MLHs has been running daily surf incentives, i.e., "Be among the first 10 to surf 150 pages and receive $4 directly into your account." Since the winners are not posted anywhere, then one must question that there are NO winners...only incentives. Very suspicious!!!

Posted by itrafficx on August 9, 2012
MajorLeagueHits is a good traffic exchange, but the admin does not updates regularly as it should. Today at 9th Aug, still displays winners from 4th Feb, it is impossible to find current winners.

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