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TESurfSocial is ranked 61, does allow rotators, requires you to login to surf, has an Alexa rank of 467,489, and has had 27,165 hits tracked on the last 6 week report. TESurfSocial is owned by Marcy McManaway and is powered by the LFMTE Traffic Exchange Script.

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Posted by foxhits on November 4, 2012
Really good TE,we will have soon promo,can't wait!

Posted by klkuty on December 31, 2011
Awesome site--love the dual chat options!

Posted by sb4269 on December 31, 2011
Very nice traffic site Marcy, WTG! Sam

Posted by jsmktgpro on December 31, 2011
Great TE and way to build relationships Shondra

Posted by walterm on December 18, 2011
Marcy not only created a great TE but a perfect downline builder too. The programs in the downline builder and the social interaction while surfing make this TE a winner.

Posted by catherinedwhite on December 14, 2011
Marcy is a very active owner who is investing the time and money to make this site fantastic. I recommend this growing traffic exchange as one to join and watch grow from the inside. Cathy

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