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Posted by rivaal on May 5, 2014
Wow ok I better take a break just seem not to be able to write a nickname well. One more try here goes: Totolulevy (and no no copy paste just plain typing. :-)

Posted by rivaal on May 5, 2014
That should be Totulevy not Totiulevy.

Posted by rivaal on May 5, 2014
LOL Well thank you Totlulevy. Do you have a real name too? Franscisca.

Posted by totolulevy on March 29, 2014
I love You!!

Posted by rivaal on November 18, 2013
This is not the way to make friends... You are a complete stranger why would I contact you. Thank you for visiting 's here.

Posted by jernnifer on October 21, 2013
Hello my dear i was happy to meet you here i want you to be my friend please contact me now to my email so i will explain to you more about me with my pictures please i wait your respond to my email

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