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Favorite Exchange List Generator

Select your 10 favorite exchanges below, and enter your referral username. The next page will then have HTML code you can use as your very own Top 10 splash page.

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Traffic Exchange Wordpress Plugin

Install this plugin to your Wordpress blog, enter your Traffic Exchange List username into the plugin settings page, and automatically when you write about the traffic exchanges listed it will make the names links to the Traffic Exchange List page with your referral link.

Download Zip

After uploading to your plugins directory and activating, goto Settings -> TEList Settings to enter your username.

Email Filters

There are over a hundred exchanges listed, and it can make it really hard to keep up with all the emails. To simplify it for you select a range of exchange rankings, and we will give you a string you can copy & paste into your email filters. This way you can have a label for the top 10, 20, 50, etc. Know what's going on at the top quicker ;-)

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